Hi. I'm Christian!

I am the leader of Team TribeOIL.

I launched my Young Living business in hopes that I could pay my families past due water two years later and my income covers all of our bills and MORE!

I worked as an asset manager for a real estate company. When I became a new mother, the promises of family time weren’t fulfilled by my company. I had to do something drastic, so I quit and opened a children’s retail store. The idea was that I could help my family and help employ other struggling mothers. The world of retail was new to me and I found myself overwhelmed with the task of keeping up with it and my family. A customer, Alina, came into the store and talked to me about essential oils and the YL business. Having infused essential oils into my families wellness regimen, the company resonated with my passion for health! I joined her team, but was unable to commit much time to it, as I was working 70+ hours a week at the store. My sponsor helped me with a few small events. When the checks started arriving, my husband - who was initially skeptical - pushed me to close the store and do YL full time.

A little over a year later I’ve tripled my income from the store, and I’m on pace to become Platinum within the next few months! The greatest accomplishment that I have experienced thus far in my career is my team of over 1,400 driven individuals achieving great things The freedom that the Young Living business has provided me and my family has been priceless, and I’ve been able to accomplish my goal of helping other struggling mothers achieve financial freedom as well.